BrainFlex offers a full complement of services
to support and launch your online business.

Creating professional websites is what we do.

We create customized solutions to your unique custom business needs.

We can help you learn to manage your own, or do the dirty work for you.

Full-featured hosting with unlimited everything on Canadian-based servers.

Effective e-commerce sites that you can easily manage yourself.

Have special needs? We can engineer a solution.

Website Design

Clients will judge the trustworthiness of your business based on the professionalism that your website presents. Allow us to help create a unique and custom design that reflects the aesthetic of your business. Using dynamic features to and current design practices, we'll help you present your business online with grace.

Our sites are designed so that that they respond the all different screen sizes, adapting their layout and styling accordingly.
Custom or Template
Work with a designer to custom build your unique vision, or start from a template to conserve design budget.
Professional, modern, and clean designs that reflect the integrity of your business.
Bring us your photography or let us source imagery. Highlight videos in full-width splendor.

Web Development

Determining which infrastructure will best support your website's needs is vital. A discovery period will help us to clarify what supports are in order for your specific needs.

The most popular content management system, WordPress allows you to manage your site yourself with an intuitive backend.
Built for enterprise-level business needs, Drupal is a powerful content management system with stringent security practices.
3rd Party Integration
Integrate your website with any of your other services. MailChimp, Canada Post, Sales Force, Basecamp, FreshBooks, API's.
If your business needs diverge from the standard, we are happy to oblige. We can custom code solutions to any workflow.


Beyond site launch you may still have needs. Our support covers those needs, be they modifications, growth, or re-vamping.

Content Changes
We can provide the service of making modifications to your website content as requested. Add new products, update photography, modify text.
Want to take charge of your site yourself, but need a little help? We're able to provide you with training and guidance on an ongoing basis.
Security Updates
Keeping your code base up to date and secure is essential in preventing malicious code intrusions.
Build an Addition
As you grow you may decide to offer more features, be it online booking, online payments, automated registration.

Website Hosting

We offer a hosting solution on our Canadian-based server. Full-featured
hosting package with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, e-mail addresses. Backed by our friendly personal support.

Creating new e-mail addresses, managing spam, deploying filters, forwarding addresses. We can assist you with your e-mail needs.
By e-mail or by phone, you can contact us directly for support. A friendly voice, you always know who you'll speak to.
Private, affordable, secure, Canadian-based server, managed in-house by us. SSL certificates installed.
Domain Names
Competitive domain name registration and renewal costs, all kept in Canada. We can manage your DNS.


E-commerce solutions that you can easily manage yourself. Inventory control, sales reports, payment details, order management.

Shopping Carts
Products presented informatively, with easy-to-add functionality. Search options, product categories, manage stock, easy checkout.
Sales reports available in your backend, or integrate with your 3rd party accounting solution. FreshBooks, Wave, QuickBooks.
Shipping & Taxes
Automated tax calculation, and shipping to suit your needs. Integrate with 3rd party shipping providers to ship by weight, size, or distance.
Integrate with 3rd party payment processors Stripe, Paypal, or credit card processors. Accept delayed payments like e-transfers and cheques.


Some business models are outside the box. We are adept at crafting solutions to special needs. Booking systems, community-driven content, subscription services, custom business rules, and much more.

Many building blocks exist for us to use, and sometimes we have to make our own blocks. If the tools don't exist, we will build them.
Problem Solving
We love to solve problems! Give us a technical challenge, there isn't one we haven't been able to resolve.
Our strength is in our team. We have worked together to brainstorm and problem solve for decades. The most creative solutions can evolve from a supportive team.
From the content management system, to the plug-ins, to the custom modules, to the integrations, we can build a robust system that meets your wildest requests.

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