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BrainFlex has been an organic collection of web-based brains, skills, and experiences, organized in Nelson, BC for two decades. Values we all have in common include the honouring of a life-work balance, a love for our planet, and a focus on contributing our skills to projects that better our communities. We enjoy dancing, growing food, and treading lightly on our planet.

Andrea Levin


Andrea leads the team with project management and client interface. She'll be the face and voice you know as your tech support.

Peter Fisera

Senior developer

Fish has worked with BrainFlex for nearly two decades! He’s the Scotty of our Enterprise, always able to McGyver a solution in times of need. Find him at EarthAngel.


Designers, developers, consultants

We've worked with a variety of skilled tech colleagues over the decades. We bring in the right people to create a fitting team for each challenge.

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